Orbitals & airwraps, Orbital Fountain

Orbitals & airwraps, Orbital Fountain

Poi - Orbital Fountain

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  Published on 17 Jul, 2010

something that i thought of shortly after making this video to also try is antispin i did it after i made the vid and looks sweet


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Post18th Jul 2010 8:58 AM 

well i know i didnt really explain alot but if you have questions i will be glad to help ya out
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Post9th Aug 2010 1:06 PM 

it looks like all your doing is moving it in a circle a fountain would be swithing sides at the bottom of the circle than back to the same way at the top
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Meeko Bliss
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Post28th Feb 2011 4:15 PM 

more of an orbital prospin flower. i bet you can do it antispin as well give it a wirl:)
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Post27th Jul 2012 1:23 PM 

I'm guessing you cant do orbitals with chains

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Comments/replies: 4

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