Inversions, inverted corkscrew

Poi - inverted corkscrew

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  Published on 27 Dec, 2009

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Pommy Bubbles
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Reged: Aug 2005
Post13th Mar 2010 8:20 AM 

it's a cool move but it's not an inversion in the sense of the others in this category is it?

Member #92884
Reged: Jun 2009
Post28th Mar 2010 1:43 AM 

no, this technically this isn't an inversion like the others in this group, but i have heard this called an 'inverted corkscrew' or a 'corkscrew with an inverted pass' many times before.

if you wanted to look at it from a tech perspective, a cork screw is a floor plane (horizontal plane) two or four beat weave. the middle segment is a horizontal buzz saw. so this is a two beat weave with an internal(buzz saw) beat every time you switch sides.

it is a good trick though, and a good tutorial. peace

Member #102314
Reged: Dec 2009
Post29th Apr 2010 12:35 AM 

i was just calling it by the technical term for the word inverted as in ( on the inside ) on the inside of my arms , not by the Poi refrance of inverted

Member #113552
Reged: Jul 2010
Post1st Jul 2010 3:21 PM 

yeah its not technically an inversion as they said, and also what you did was the 3beat weave, not quite the 5beat, but nice move.

Comments/replies: 4


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