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Comments/replies: 2
Member #98655
Reged: Sep 2009
8th Feb 2012 1:10 AM 

can anyone do this with sock poi i have got all the anti spin flowers down but this plane change during spinning antispin with the stall i find my poi come down in the stall... i kind of isolation pass but not between the arms as taught on the wall plane still more like a anti spin flower with isolation (the contact based poi)do they make it easier i see more people with the contact type poi on here doing more complex things. i would like to get this nailed i am just wondering if it's possible after trying for a hour!

Member #142029
Reged: Nov 2011
7th Oct 2012 5:20 AM 

yes it is possible. but harder to learn, if you learn how to do it with the sock poi you will for sure be able to do it with contact poi. weavesmiley

Comments/replies: 2

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