Flowers, Inward Extension to Inward Extension

Flowers, Inward Extension to Inward Extension

Poi - Inward Extension to Inward Extension

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  Published on 10 May, 2011

Ignore my usage of the term cap. This is actually an extension to extension.

Last modified on 23 Jun, 2011


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Post1st Jun 2011 10:16 AM 

i think a full extension of the arms from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock would be really helpful for this trick.also a normal c-CAP is a 2 beat move. try making this a 2 beat by adding an inspin between your arms. just a thought smile

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Post3rd Jun 2011 8:33 PM 

Isn't this the same move as the "Yin Yang" or something? I have seen this move done in a tutorial already on HoP, although it was a really old one (and didn't have sound), so you may want to look around for it.

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Post17th Jun 2011 7:56 PM 

your totally right. Thats not a cap. I didn't realized till i looked at it but is just like an inverted extension to inverted extension. i think. tongue2

Comments/replies: 3

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