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Comments/replies: 5
Member #128717
Reged: Mar 2011
11th May 2011 5:43 AM 

isn't that just a split time butterfly in the buzzsaw plane?

Member #1212
Reged: Jan 2002
11th May 2011 8:13 PM 

yeah in what way is that a CAP?

Meeko Bliss
Member #124837
Reged: Dec 2010
22nd May 2011 5:39 AM 

yea he would want to be antispinning them towards his body on the second beat
You rock my whirled.

Member #107961
Reged: Mar 2010
9th Jun 2011 6:35 PM 

these aren't CAPs. they're almost cat eyes, but it looks more like a butterfly in front of you. the normal c-CAP you're probably thinking of is a 2 beat with one extension and one antispin. this really is just moving your hands in a linear path

Member #124417
Reged: Dec 2010
3rd May 2012 4:09 AM 

Haha, Sorry about that guys. The funny thing is, I actually can do an inverted CAP...

Comments/replies: 5

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