Flowers, Anti Spin Flower

Flowers, Anti Spin Flower

Poi - Anti Spin Flower

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  Published on 11 Jun, 2009

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Member #116126
Reged: Aug 2010
Post13th Aug 2010 9:42 PM 

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally count petals thanks to two three four... one two three four.... one two...ubbrollsmile:D

Member #122258
Reged: Nov 2010
Post25th Nov 2010 5:01 PM 

The difference between the petal count and the beat count is a huge help. Thanks!

Member #98655
Reged: Sep 2009
Post25th Jan 2012 3:09 AM 

derek i think you are one of my inspirations i have been trying to get my anti spin flowers improved for a while, i have come from england armed with this website and being a member for a few years here to teach in the capital of serbia Poi in a circus school. couldn't of and still can't do it without you, peace keep spinning, i have a nice technique from all the practice wink

Comments/replies: 3


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