Crossers, Butterfly Crosser

Crossers, Butterfly Crosser

Poi - Butterfly Crosser

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  Published on 1 Sep, 2007

From a butterfly or thread the needle, bring one hand back up to your shoulder. As you rotate your hips and the Poi Moves past it, bring your other hand back underneath your other shoulder. The move is done in wall plane, so rotating the trunk of your body provides you the rotation to move the Poi between the forward and back wallplanes without moving your hands.

Rotate your hips

Additional notes: Can be done in split time

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Member #59924
Reged: Sep 2007
Post30th Dec 2007 4:03 AM 

what's the difference between the butterfly crosser and the weave crosser? confused, I can see you "start" them differently, but I can't see the difference of the move it self (and therefore have no idea of what it is I do).
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Post13th Jun 2008 3:24 AM 

that looks like the straight jacket.

Member #56085
Reged: Jul 2007
Post25th Aug 2008 1:37 AM 

Okay - look in the mirror when you're doing the butterfly crosser. You can see it looks like a normal butterfly - both Poi and moving in opposite directions. On the weave crosser, both Poi are moving in the same direction - just as they do in normal weaving.

Therein lies the difference ;-)

Comments/replies: 3

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