Contact, Introduction

Contact, Introduction

Poi - Introduction

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Post3rd Dec 2009 12:36 AM 

They look like a great pair of spinning Poi.

I haven't learnt Contact Poi, but if i get a pair after the christmas holidays, i will defiantly learn contact, and also use these for practice spinning.

I find one particular thing with these very helpful, and that is the sizing.

I checked on the store for these Poi and they look fantastic. Size cords in 50, 58 and 61cm lengths, and the main ball approximately the same size as a tennis ball.

If you were looking at a pair of great practice spinning poi/contact Poi, i would recommend these to you.

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Post19th Dec 2009 12:51 PM 

Although I love your other videos and have downloaded most of them, this is the least informative of all. If it told me something about what activities Contact Poi includes, or the functional differences between these and some other Poi, the vid I might consider it worth my bandwidth.

Comments/replies: 2

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