Beginners part 1, Split time swinging

Beginners part 1, Split time swinging

Poi - Split time swinging

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HOP • Published on 1 Feb, 2006

Start swinging the Poi forward. Now increase the speed slightly on one of the Poi until it swings around the top when the other Poi is swinging at the bottom. This is "split timing".
When you have that going nice try it in reverse as shown in the animation. Remember to scoop the air when swinging in reverse.
Now try going from Split swinging and back to equal time. Practice these moves until you are comfortable with the Poi and they stay on each side of your body without crossing.

Now try swinging one Poi forward and the other backwards in split time.
When you have got that one try it in the other directions.

Keep an eye on the path that the Poi is traveling and adjust your wrists if they sway.

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Comments/replies: 7
Member #122246
Reged: Nov 2010
Post28th Dec 2010 7:20 AM 

She says "split them into opposite directions", but they're still going the same direction. . .

Member #132626
Reged: May 2011
Post31st May 2011 7:51 AM 

yeah im not getting it also

Member #138586
Reged: Sep 2011
Post7th Sep 2011 4:55 PM 

I think it's just they're going the same direction but.... split as in one first, then the other.

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post5th Oct 2011 7:20 AM 

this doesnt explain anything. how do i practice this? it just looks like one is chasing the other
Liquid and Fire is a beautifully breathtaking combination

Member #141912
Reged: Nov 2011
Post13th Nov 2011 9:45 AM 

I can't seem to get my split time to be..split time. They'll be opposites for a few seconds then go back to same time. Any tips or tricks?

Fatt Abbot
Member #140022
Reged: Oct 2011
Post24th Apr 2012 5:12 PM 

They both keep going to same direction, just that they are at opposite sides of your body - i.e. when one is directly in fornt of you, the other one is directly behind you. Both moving the same direction, jsut at different points in the arc around your body.

Fatt Abbot
Member #140022
Reged: Oct 2011
Post24th Apr 2012 5:25 PM 

If you can't hold it at opposite time starting from both forward at equal time, try going forward from a still start, but start one a half beat (or half rotation) after the other. If this does not help, try spinning only one Poi, adjusting the speed up & down, then try the same with the other side, speeding up & slowing down. Then, once you have the two seperate movements, try combining the two processes - have both going, then increase one as you did previously. This is just one of those things where practice is the best teacher. Good luck!

Comments/replies: 7


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