Beginners Weaves, Reverse Behind the back Weave (3...

Beginners Weaves, Reverse Behind the back Weave (3 beats BTB)

Poi - Reverse Behind the back Weave (3 beats BTB)

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  Published on 13 Apr, 2009

Ok... I've been practicing a lot of behind the back stuff lately, and thought I'd share some of my experiances while it is fresh in my head...
Now, the easiest way to get started seems like doing the butterfly and bringing one hand back at a time. Just to get used to having your hands back there without having arms or Poi crossing.
Next, with just one Poi, I tried going from backward spinning to behind my back with bringing my hand far enough over that it could pass on the other side while still going mostly straight forward and back...
The logical next step was the cross-over behind the back. This seems very difficult to get into unless you're really flexi, because the Poi of the hand closer to your back, will tend to catch on the elbow of the hand furthest from you.
What I turned out doing was instead of straight forward, I crossed over the Poi into the butterfly and did it that way.
I found personally, that it seemed to work best if the hand on top in the butterfly was the one that was closest to my back when I brought them behind. So, that helps get used to having both your hands behind your back, and you don't have to cross your arms too too far. Then you can try angling your Poi outward more and more toward non-crossing Poi and try to cross your hands more behind your back.
I found it also helped to bend forward a bit. And you'll probably want your fingers more or less curled into a fist or else the rope from one Poi can tend to get tangled in the fingers of the other hand. Most of the time when I messed up, was with the Poi of the hand closest to my back whacking my ankle. Probably good to try to have it at least a little distance from the back when its behind...
At this point I can't do it very well with the Poi totally not crossed, unless I bend way forward as I cross... Will have to work on that. I figure it'll get better as my arms can stretch a bit more with practice...
For the next step, I tried the figure 8. At first I stuck with the very crossed butterfly, but I found that with the split timing on the figure 8, I can have the Poi go much farther forward more easily. I've managed it without them crossing, but having them cross just slightly seems to help. So, just try to feel the timing in it, and experiment on how you move, and seems like you can avoid hitting the elbows unlike the regular cross-over.
So, today I managed 3 continuous reps of the figure 8 behind the back once or twice, so I'm happy.
Now I need to put some serious work into having my other hand closer to my back for all configurations. Have let that be a bit lax... After that, the elusive chase/weave behind the back should work...
Hope that helps someone,


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Comments/replies: 13
Member #86181
Reged: Jan 2009
Post14th Jan 2009 10:36 AM 

AAAAAAAAAH confusion...

Member #90483
Reged: Apr 2009
Post23rd Apr 2009 2:41 PM 

I Get It but my motor skills are not that Great yet smile

Member #95868
Reged: Jul 2009
Post25th Aug 2009 8:44 AM 

This kind of stuff does your brain, joints and muscles so much good.

your coordination and problem solving ability will sky rocket the more you throw stuff like this at it!

Keep spinning kids!

Member #98544
Reged: Sep 2009
Post22nd Sep 2009 1:19 PM 

ahhh! ive wanted to learn this for so long! this video helped a ton!

Member #49973
Reged: Mar 2007
Post15th Apr 2010 7:36 PM 

My brain just doesn't compute btb moves! Any suggestions??!! confused confused

Member #111259
Reged: May 2010
Post25th May 2010 5:44 AM 

I can do a 2 beat !! grin

Member #113331
Reged: Jun 2010
Post28th Jun 2010 11:33 PM 

Wow! Thankyou! have wanted to learn this for so long, and you definately made it possible! Haha a good hour of beating myself up but I got there!

Great explanation, ta =)

Member #117420
Reged: Aug 2010
Post6th Sep 2010 4:04 PM 

im kinda getting the 2 beat btb down.. 3 beats a little sketchy.. my left Poi keeps hitting my body on the right side.. so frustrating.

ill get it eventually, the part that really made a difference was you saying, over over over,my hands finally got the motions down. thanks man ur awesome.

Member #116708
Reged: Aug 2010
Post21st Dec 2010 8:41 AM 

i constantly hit my legs frown any tips ?
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Member #40816
Reged: Sep 2006
Post30th Mar 2011 2:40 PM 

I really like the way you explain things Derek!! thanks grin

Member #128199
Reged: Mar 2011
Post17th May 2011 1:54 PM 

Yup this is definitely going to take a lot of practice. So frustrating because everything I've been learning recently I get down in no more then 15-20 minutes. This is going to take hours of practice. I can do each Poi perfectly with one hand at a time, but I can't seem to put them together without them getting tangled. Any tips?

Member #139374
Reged: Sep 2011
Post21st Sep 2011 12:41 AM 

i found it far easier to learn a normal crossover behind the back and then work into the 3 beat weave from there, i didnt watch all the video so sorry if he allready said this

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post10th Jan 2012 1:05 PM 

it literally took me less than 15 mins to get 3 reps on each side and its all thanks to you. im SO stoked
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Comments/replies: 13

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