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The fountain is a combination of forward and reverse weaves with high and low transitions, done in the wall plane.

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Comments/replies: 16
Member #55078
Reged: Jun 2007
6th Feb 2008 12:22 PM 

ok. so, you can do fountains in any plane?? or would your body get in the way of horizonal?? ubbidea ubbidea

Member #70684
Reged: Apr 2008
15th Apr 2008 3:17 PM 

so how do the transitions from f->b and b->f work? is it a bit like reel turns?

Member #76804
Reged: Jul 2008
26th Jul 2008 5:44 AM 

well im confused..

Member #79006
Reged: Sep 2008
4th Sep 2008 9:49 AM 

think we all are

Member #80975
Reged: Oct 2008
11th Oct 2008 3:51 AM 

just can't understand...

Member #80756
Reged: Oct 2008
12th Oct 2008 7:26 AM 

I just wish the Australian girl would do all the tutorials. At least she walks you through all the steps and doesn't leave you in dire straits with balls flying in your face and hitting you all over the body...

Member #79800
Reged: Sep 2008
5th Jan 2009 9:08 AM 

I think the lack of attention to these moves is ridiculous. I KNOW there are far better videos online on how to do all of these moves. For being a site completely devoted to this stuff I don't think I am out of line saying these tutorials are terrible.

Nathaniel Everest on youtube has far better tuts, would it kill someone to put two videos up for these moves? Give me the app code to this place and I'll do it!


Member #85962
Reged: Jan 2009
16th Jan 2009 5:58 AM 

its not that complex just study all kinds of transitions and you will start to understand what you need to do.

Member #86522
Reged: Jan 2009
23rd Jan 2009 9:17 AM 

I find this video really hard to understand but try

Member #88172
Reged: Mar 2009
4th Mar 2009 6:15 PM 

This move is actually not that complex... the transition should be rather easy if you're already comfortable with foward and backwards 3beat weaves... you can feel the movement of the poi to know when is the right moment to do the transition grin
Life is like a rollercoaster, it is exciting and full of experiences... but only if u have what it takes to get on board!!!

Member #89970
Reged: Apr 2009
11th Apr 2009 6:11 AM 

I have to agree, it looks more difficult than it is.
I may be doing it wrong, but it works for me.
When I go to switch over to continue the 3 beat weave, I just turn my body so the cross of my hands happens infront of me, then by the time it continues, I'm facing the other way, making it reversed.
Sorry if that didn't make much sense.>_>

Member #95868
Reged: Jul 2009
31st Jul 2009 10:02 PM 

It took a few times watching this and a lot of assumption, but i think i got it down.


Member #103755
Reged: Dec 2009
7th Jan 2010 3:11 PM 

I like the other version: forward 3b, reverse 3b, then overhead for a 2b windmill, then back to forward 3b. saw that Nick dude do it, also known as Meenik

Member #111259
Reged: May 2010
29th May 2010 9:04 AM 

this is such a crazy move.. my arms get numb. its the best

Member #113943
Reged: Jul 2010
Member #117420
Reged: Aug 2010
29th Aug 2010 2:48 PM 

i dunno if im doing this right.. i got it from forward to reverse going under.. but when i go from reverse back to forward going over it feels and looks kinda sketchy.. wonder if im missing a beat

Comments/replies: 16

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