Beginners Butterflies, Thread the needle

Poi - Thread the needle

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HOP • Published on 13 Apr, 2009

This move is a variation on the Butterfly.
So to start begin doing the butterfly.
Slide one hand down the other arm as the Poi reach their peak, ie. begin sliding one as they pass above your head.
Alternate between sliding your left and right hands.

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Comments/replies: 8
Member #86712
Reged: Jan 2009
Post1st Feb 2009 10:31 AM 

This is a neat move when practicing but when performing to an audience sometimes this move just looks like a sloppy butterfuly in the dark.

Member #103755
Reged: Dec 2009
Post6th Jan 2010 8:56 PM 

Finally Got it just now XD. thanx for the video, it helped alot. Ive noticed that the reverse seems to be more useful though in the vids that ive watched, so now im gonna go watch that. shouldnt be too hard now that i have a general feel for the push/pull motions XD.

Member #107997
Reged: Mar 2010
Post4th Apr 2010 5:07 PM 

I can't figure out the timing of this for the life of me. I can get one hand out, but then not the other.

Member #115844
Reged: Aug 2010
Post15th Aug 2010 8:06 PM 

I love your tutorials and how you break them down in steps it is VERY helpful!!! clap

Member #123235
Reged: Dec 2010
Post21st Dec 2010 12:00 AM 

the one tutorial i have already seen on this taught me to think of this move as "pulling down ur shirt sleeves. its good to think theres something in the crease of your elbow that you are pushing away from your body, alternating arms in front on whichever swing you happen to be on. dono if that makes sense but helps me to grasp it.
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Member #136210
Reged: Jul 2011
Post28th Nov 2011 11:08 PM 

I think I got them, although not the most visually impressive move it really is good for improving coordination

Member #152993
Reged: Jun 2012
Post7th Jun 2012 4:22 PM 

you dont need to know butterfly with your left hand on top for this do you?

Member #293198
Reged: Dec 2018
Post13th Jan 2019 4:42 PM 

Been trying to figure this out for months. After this vid, it clicked -- I think I am over-exaggerating swinging the upward-moving hand towards the outside, but at least Im not crashing the Poi into each other every time. So thanks!

Comments/replies: 8


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