Beginners part 2, Windmill

Windmill and Giant Windmill

Poi - Windmill


HOP • Published on 16 May, 2006

This is the standing up version of the "corkscrew"
Begin with a forward swing. Poi are 180deg apart.
Turn your hips side on and alternate overhead swinging infront and behind you.
Swing your arms out with the Poi will make the pattern much larger.

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Comments/replies: 13
Member #76804
Reged: Jul 2008
Post25th Jul 2008 9:39 AM 

Thinking of this as a standing "corkscrew" totally messed me up. Think of it more as a split-time "chasing the sun". Maybe that will help

Member #77751
Reged: Aug 2008
Post20th Aug 2008 11:21 AM 

So is it basically an Alternate butterfly over your head with an extended beat?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post20th Aug 2008 12:55 PM 

 Written by :Astraea

So is it basically an Alternate butterfly over your head with an extended beat?

No it is not an Alternate Butterfly. In Butterfly the Poi go opposite directions whereas in this move the Poi are rotating in the same direction.
Hope that helps smile


May your balls always burn

Member #86181
Reged: Jan 2009
Post14th Jan 2009 10:47 AM 

maybe try with one hand first and think of doing a figure 8 with one loop in front of you and one loop behind so that they cross over above your head. add in the second Poi to chase it and move in split time. this move tends to look better if you keep your hands really close and move fast. doing this and the butterfly moves with Poi that are different colours (i.e. the left one is orange the other is green) looks really cool

Member #85089
Reged: Dec 2008
Post21st Jan 2009 9:35 PM 

i must look like the biggest crack up.. I cant watch anything swingin or coming towards my face so i close my eyes and squish my face up hehehe.. kinda works though coz i can feel it crazy
"when you have nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire"

Member #90483
Reged: Apr 2009
Post2nd May 2009 1:10 PM 

Wish there was a bigger pitcure maybe with some instructional sound I understand that by this point you should have a firm grasp of things but sometimes I watch one like this and then another with sound and slow motion and i can grasp it faster im like running inside looking and running outside trying for a few mins then back in Lol

Member #104464
Reged: Jan 2010
Post2nd Feb 2010 11:59 AM 

I can do the corkscrew with no problem, but every time I try this one, I smack myself in the face (or the arms). Any tips?

Member #106150
Reged: Feb 2010
Post15th Feb 2010 7:52 PM 


Member #96182
Reged: Aug 2009
Post5th Apr 2010 2:55 PM 

So are corkscrew and windmill the same trick but with different body positions? i.e. with windmill, you stand up straight and with corkscrew you lean forward.

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post6th Apr 2010 10:23 AM 

Yes that is correct
May your balls always burn

Member #129652
Reged: Apr 2011
Post9th Apr 2011 6:58 AM 

im cool with the whole corkscrew concept,i can do that,but my Poi keep on getting tangled up over my headmad2helpconfused2
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Member #134520
Reged: Jul 2011
Post12th Jul 2011 2:59 AM 

ack! i got it on my first try! and then i stopped... and now i can't do it without smacking myself in the head >.<

Member #136434
Reged: Aug 2011
Post25th Sep 2011 8:17 AM 

They go sooo faasst!! D:

Comments/replies: 13


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