Beginners part 2, Beginner's Fast Track

Beginners part 2, Beginner's Fast Track

Poi - Beginner's Fast Track

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  Dave Statik
GOLD Member since Mar 2010
  Published on 27 Jul, 2012

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Comments/replies: 6
Member #167291
Reged: Feb 2013
Post25th Feb 2013 7:47 AM 

Okay - this is awesome. This totally makes sense to me. I'm a new spinner, and I've noticed this exact phenomenon. Sloppy planes makes for a painful session.

Member #124417
Reged: Dec 2010
Post23rd Oct 2013 2:08 AM 

I thought you just wanned ta show us yo bodi smile))) Teet heet

let out your light
Member #192315
Reged: May 2014
Post16th May 2014 12:36 PM 

awesome advice smile

Miles Harris Cottrell
Member #197185
Reged: Aug 2014
Post3rd Oct 2014 5:48 AM 

Awesome advice. Keep it coming!

Member #224536
Reged: Nov 2015
Post7th Nov 2015 1:04 PM 

Great video! Really helpful advice. =)

Member #242578
Reged: Aug 2016
Post8th Oct 2016 9:05 AM 

I laugh my ass off everytime I watch the beginning of this video.

Comments/replies: 6


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