Advanced Weaves, augmented seven beat weave variat...

Advanced Weaves, augmented seven beat weave variation

Poi - augmented seven beat weave variation

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  Published on 2 Jul, 2009

The augmented seven beat weave is a combination of the augmented five beat weave and the standard five beat weave. If there is anouther name for this trick please let me know.

be very confortable with your five beat weave and your augmented five beat weave before moving onto this trick.

Additional notes: the same process can be used to do the reverse augmented seven beat weave

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Reged: Oct 2010
Post20th Oct 2010 3:44 AM 

Damn. I just figured out you could do this yesterday, so I thoucght I invented something. Couldn't you technically do an infinite weave by using this?

Member #119466
Reged: Oct 2010
Post13th Jan 2011 8:35 AM 

I can only get it on the left side, I switch to the right and Im screwed. Ugh. Practicepracticepractice.

Comments/replies: 2


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