Advanced Weaves, Behind the Back Weave Turn (Reverse to Forward)

Poi - Behind the Back Weave Turn (Reverse to Forward)

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  Published on 30 Jul, 2009

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Post22nd Aug 2010 2:17 AM 

oops...that's hardclaptired

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Reged: Apr 2011
Post10th Apr 2012 3:46 AM 

Jumping back and forth, that initial muck up looks like you're moving through the turn without letting the Poi maker a full circle, as if you're transitionning into a behind-the-back crosser instead of one weave to another...

this gives me all kinds of ideas...

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Reged: May 2014
Post11th May 2017 10:48 AM 


Anna Mattisson
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Post27th Sep 2018 8:24 PM 

Thank you so much for all your videos...! They help me out a lot, Im so glad youve put in all that effort making them.

Comments/replies: 4


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