Advanced Butterflies, pacman twist

Advanced Butterflies, pacman twist

Poi - pacman twist

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Keywords: let me know what this thing is called. Butterfly weave

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  Published on 22 Jul, 2009

This is a split time butterfly crossing on the right and left rather then top and bottom, then folded around around the body to the right and the left.

Last modified on 27 Oct, 2009

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Post23rd Oct 2009 5:49 AM 

this move is also called a butterfly weave, ive never heard of pacman twist =p

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Post27th Oct 2009 4:35 AM 

Thank you, i just updated the the also known as, I always thought the butterfly weave lingered on one side longer. oh, and i got this name from Derek, he shoould be blamed if its wrong. I wanted to call it 'the Vortex', it sounded more extreme that way. smile happy spinning

Comments/replies: 2


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