Advanced Butterflies, Guys Gyroscope

Advanced Butterflies, Guys Gyroscope

Poi - Guys Gyroscope

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  Published on 11 May, 2010

Additional notes: Also known as extended butterfly reels / the wiggle

Last modified on 12 Jun, 2015

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Comments/replies: 3
Member #117420
Reged: Aug 2010
Post6th Oct 2010 1:59 PM 

i like this alot.. too bad right now i can only do low reels forward and high reels reverse... gotta get them down both ways.

Member #110218
Reged: May 2010
Post31st Jan 2011 6:06 AM 

Yes this is a fun move looks wild with Flow Lights and speed

Member #133511
Reged: Jun 2011
Post31st Aug 2012 11:22 AM 

I like to call these infinity looks when i do them, I'm glad someone made a video with this grin. It really is a move you just gotta let your body do for you

Comments/replies: 3


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