Advanced Butterflies, Buterfly Hyperloop (Butterfl...

Advanced Butterflies, Buterfly Hyperloop (Butterfloop)

Poi - Buterfly Hyperloop (Butterfloop)

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  Published on 8 Feb, 2008


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Post8th Feb 2008 1:38 PM 

Hope you all enjoy it weavesmiley
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Post11th Apr 2008 8:44 AM 

Thats a great video....isnt there a way to rotate once youve caught the initial hyperloop, bring it to an inside butterfloop then let it out on the opposite side from which you started? I saw it on a video once but haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

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Post14th Apr 2008 11:52 PM 

Yes you can indeed

I would call that an infinite buttfloop but Durbs would probably have me up on it.

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Post20th Nov 2008 3:46 PM 

Yeh, I experimented with rotating this. It's not easy, because you have to control the Poi heads from hitting each other.

I tried it over the head with a rotation, but often the Poi heads had hit each other or the tangle went wrong. Didn't quite master that yet myself.

I actually think normal is easier, because the timing pulling down in the middle is easier, but I guess that's just preference.

This is also a great move to do inverted moving one Poi inside on the one side, then a normal one in the middle(entangled) and let the other Poi head between the arms to untangle again in the normal butterfly hyperloop.

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Post14th Mar 2009 7:01 AM 

you think you would be able to do this with chains?

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Post8th Sep 2009 6:29 PM 

this works with chains, but the effect is minimal visualy.

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Reged: Jul 2009
Post29th Sep 2009 10:11 AM 

That looks so cool!

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Post10th Jun 2010 2:50 AM 

Thanks for showing the first person view, that helps a lot. this is really cool.

Comments/replies: 8

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