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Frost Might: Ice Wizard

This is one of my roving characters I bring out for medieval events as well as Christmas and winter solstice events. My partner shot this on her new camera over the Christmas/New years break in 2016/17 after I finished making the hat.
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Frost Might: Ice Wizard

As picked by HoP
1. Fire snakes among the trees entered by Lilia_Hristova
2. Burn off entered by Samson Ambrose Clark
3. Circles under trees entered by sophia.koerner

No. 1
No. 2
Natures bridge
No. 3
Engulfed in greenery playing within the comfort of the flame 🔥
No. 4
Forests fire spirit
No. 5
Get Cracking
No. 6
No. 7
In the forest ....
No. 8
Create your own light!
No. 9
Hooping in nature
No. 10
Creek side spins
No. 11
Circles under trees
No. 12
Fire snakes among the trees
No. 13
Mirror, Mirror...
No. 14
Into the Woods
No. 15
Free flo
No. 16
Fire shower
No. 17
Elder flame fans
No. 18
Sophia hanging at Spielpause
No. 19
Forest Witch
No. 20
When dreams come true
No. 21
California lights
No. 22
Magical Tree-O
No. 23
Amongst the painted trees
No. 24
Flowers in the trees
No. 25
No. 26
Frost Might: Ice Wizard
No. 27
Icy Limbs
No. 28
Banyan Beauty
No. 29
Katana and umbrella
No. 30
Burn off
No. 31
Forest Clearing
No. 32
My passion is in flame
No. 33
For a good cause

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