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Registered on: 9th Jul 2010
Last active: 2nd Oct 2020





Photo Competition Entries

Up in the air
Witch craft
Snow fire flower
Fire witch
Alice in Wonderland
From love of fire smile
Fire palm tree
Double snake flower
Fire fan!
Heart shaped flame
Fire flames
Fans fairy
I see triple
Fire and sparkle
Mad spinner
Fire flower
At the dragon cave
Smoky fans
The magic of fire
Playing with fire
Snake flower
Under the suns
Fire blow over full moon
Fire snake trails
Fire snakes among the trees
Lady in red
Fireman, ready to go
Fire shadows
Vietnamese style
Fire suns
Burning hoop
Hooping on the ground
Fighting fire with water
Fire blow

Lessons uploaded

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happy hooping
Forest smile
Meditation in Yoyogi Japan
Vini Vici Led Show
wall plane flower
Wings on Fire
Who needs hands anyway
Tribal Power
Lucis Wonderland
B and his Dragon staff
Tanz der Sterne
Poi Backbend
the green glow
Fire fire
Maddest Hatter
Engaged in Fire
Lakeside Flower
Linked leg back bend
Triquetra of life
Fire whip fiasco
You may now kiss the bride.
Fans of Fire Photo
Catching the Clouds
Fire Water
Hoop Smear Sphere
kick it
Last meal

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