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England (UK)

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Flow Minded
Hail to our Ancestors
Ooops, Dropped It!
Castle Rising
Playground Poi
Framed in Flames
The Worlds Your Circus!
Light Dancer
If You Go Down To The Woods Today...
Rising Phoenix
Mistress of Fire
Whisby Wonder
Archetypal Arches
Mignight Mass
Burning Desire
Amidst the Ruins
As the Light Fades
Fire and Ice
The Glow Show
The Lady Is A Vamp
Purple Wood Nymph
Wood Nymph

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I'm with Lincoln circus school if you're still looking for a club, lollypop! They have a website and FB page xx

Another Lincoln person here! I go to Lincoln Circus school's adult classes. Only £2 a session, one hour a week. They're on facebook if anyone local wants to check it out xx

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