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.:star:.SILVER Member
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Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

I work with a girl who has obsessive compulsive disorder and she 'has' to have a bath or shower at least twice a day which is relatively normal for an OCD sufferer but there one really really wierd thing...she won't go into any shops that begin with the letter 'A'!!

This go me and my friends thinking, everyone has their own strange little quirks and some of them are quite wierd

I can't sleep unless my duvet is the right way round and the right way up....i tried to do it but i just can't! I lasted about 10 seconds before i had to turn it round.

my friend refuses to sit at a certain table in the pub because the pattern in the tiles next to it are messed up and he can't stand it, that and he won't eat food if it has touched another type of food on his plate!

so i'm sure everyone out there has a wierd thing that they turning the light switches on and off three times when you enter a room or walking around a chair twice before you sit down?? Share it with us!!

bodhisattvaSILVER Member
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Location: halifax, United Kingdom

when i pair my socks i have to fold them and not fold one down over the other
i can't lend books or magazines out in case the corners get folded and if i borrow a book and i find a folded corner i can't read it
if the plug is round the tap i have to take it off and clean the tap (and my hands ) before i can use it
i can't use other peoples soap or shampoo

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WiccanChicaThe wee little one on the block
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I have a few things that are weird with me. As I have read, a few people smell things. Mainly I smell fabrics, but I like to feel the texture of things. I also have to tap my fingers when I concentrate, along with having a tilt in my head when I'm staring or thinking. When I'm trying to stay relaxed or calm myself down run my fingers through my hair repeatedly. When I'm alone it can NOT be quiet, I'll either have the T.V on or I'll have music plying. Also, I often mix up words in sentences, i.e. (a favorite of my friends) "I'm Dad my glad came." I do that A LOT. I can't stand wearing T-shirt, tank tops or long sleeves only, and when I wear long sleeves I mess with the sleeves. Also I run my fingers along my collar bones a lot.

**There is SO much more, but I am watching T.V and am drawing blanks, so I'll put more later. =P**

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harasuSILVER Member
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I tap my fingers to my thumb ALL the time, mostly rythm to certain songs.
If I see something with a "face" (let's say a plush toy) and it's not facing up I start feeling sorry for that thing and have to turn it upside up immediately.

This is a thing that's reaaally weird and I haven't told anyone about it: if I like someone very much I'll imagine that that person is with me all the time and I'll be talking to them in my mind. It worries me a bit.

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WiccanChicaThe wee little one on the block
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Location: Colorado, USA

Harasu, I Do that as well, with the person I like. Actually, I do it with my boyfriend whenever he isn't with me. I do it with my friends, too, even animals and trees and things of that nature (Fire too lol.) I don't know if that alone would make me crazy... but it doesn't mean I'm not either XDXDXD

My knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil.

hamamelisBRONZE Member
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Location: Bouncing off the walls., England (UK)

Oh yeah, I don't even realise I'm doing this most of the time, but I regularly make these odd half-humming-half squeaking noises. Just a single note at a time, really fast.
They're fairly quiet, so unless it's a really quiet place, no-one notices, but I feel like I'm going to burst if I have to Not Do them for more than a minute or so..


If that's okay with you?

spinningstarletSILVER Member
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Location: Bradford *rolls eyes*, United Kingdom

i have to walk certain routes. like cross the road in certain places. even if there is someone with me i cannot cross the road in the wrong place. I also have to press the button at the crossings when i cross. This dosn't seem too weird but i have to do it EVEN IF THERE ARE NO CARS ON THE ROAD. even if it is like 3am and there is no traffic i have to press the button. Sometimes i feel bad if the cars have to stop even though i've already crossed but i have to do it or i can't cross the road.

I have to lock my door EVERY TIME I COME INTO MY HOUSE. Then i check it's locked before i get into bed, then i have to get up and check again. it MUST be done in that order.

If the volume control has numbers the volume must always be an even number.

i clean my bathroom after everytime i use it.

hand sanitiser rules and i carry it about also. Also i clean my nails about 16 times a day (has to be even)

I tap each finger against my thumb and back again on both hands as this stops my anxiety attacks.

There's loads more but i can't really think of them at the moment.

TobinWrightBRONZE Member
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A lot of these like the cracks in the sidewalks I do, but one I haven't read is I like to rub my finger in-between my other fingers on the other hand. But once I've done that, I have to do it with every other spacing in my hand too. It drives me nuts because I tend to forget which finger I've used and it HAS to be symmetrical when I move to my other hand.

So by running my finger between one side, I end up spending about 10 minutes trying to make myself feel balanced again. I hate it lol.

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