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Miami, Florida, USA


Poi, stage combat, historical reenacting, reading, & playing w/ my kittens.


preciso amar as pessoas como se No houvesse amanh. We must love as if there was no tomorrow.

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Paralounge(para to go beyond)(Lounge to sit or move in a relaxing way)The Paralounge is an annual coming together of local drum circles from all along the eastern coast of the US. Dru...

Okay, so I had a dream last night about poi... I used to be heavy into gymnastics, but I'm so out of shape I couldn't possibly do this move... maybe if I stretch out, I could manage it ...

This reminded me of another idea I had for poi: somewhere around here is a discussion about throwing/catching poi... by the handles or the chain right below the wick. I thought it would...

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