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Circus Midget

Circus Midget
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Perth, Western Australia


Spinning sticks


"It was me! I was the turkey all along!"

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15th June, 2016
Funky green things
"First impressions. So shiny, the neon edges look really cool, but the fact they are transparent means they are less defined when viewed from the front. The white version is probably more effective in this regard. I'm a beginner with the rings but they seem well balanced and thick enough to feel sturdy in the hand. I think chips and scratches will show up easily, and you won't want to drop these on a hard surface. I feel like a protective cover is needed. The smoothed edges make these comfortable to spin around the finger hole. I'm about 6th tall, I find the length and weight of these to be nice and manageable."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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