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I started spinning poi a number of years back, and once I decided I wanted to perform I took up staff and fire eating. I love them all, but poi will probably always be my biggest passion.


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Hey everyone, so I've been spinning poi for about 4 years and am looking to get into performing. I want something other than just spinning going for me, and want to combine it with nor...


Fusion LED Contact Staff Ends  
     24th January, 2019
"This is a weird staff. For contact, it's terrible. It flexes which means it bounces, so rolling it on your body is far more difficult since if it's not done close to perfectly it will reverberate and ruin it. Good for teaching good form I guess, but not great for performance, which isn't a good quality for an LED staff. It's lots of fun to spin though. The weight is good, it doesn't hurt to hit yourself, and the springyness is actually fun when straight spinning instead of contact. The sticky rubber that helps with contact winds up jamming in clothing very easily though, and can ruin a good flow in an instant. The lights look great though, and for lack of any comparable staff at that price it's what I'll use until I can afford a much better one."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
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C3 End Cap  
     29th May, 2018
Second Set
"My original staff heads started wearing through at the button, and eventually the rubber gave up and the light unit was free to hurl out of the staff given enough force. Now I mostly try to avoid pressing the button through the rubber and instead just take it out. Not a great design, but if you have the staff you really don't have a choice."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
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