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Boucherville, QUébec, Canada


fire poi, fire snake, teaching Judo


what ever happen, pain willl not be the end.

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Flower in St-Laurent water
Carl | Biosphere | Montreal | Canada
Carl | Olympic Stadium | Montreal | Canada
Carl | Belvedere Mont-Royal | Montreal | Canada

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Actually if you could just give me some links cause i saw your vids witch are nice by the way. but experimental i dont think i saw alot....Spinash session was nice as well

may be i have been looking in the wrong forums.:P I see mostly people spinning the same tricks in does vidéos. I never saw atomics in video for example.

hi again FireNice, If there is no buisness style to Hop why does it cost Hop point to put pictures on your account or video and why is there no change is the tutorial for such a long ...

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15th May, 2006
shipping and products are as expected:Great
"Nothing to say about you guys. you are as good as always. I never had any problems purchasing anything On HoP and ill continu doing buisness with you :P Cheers"
Legare Carl, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
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