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fire poi, fire snake, teaching Judo


what ever happen, pain willl not be the end.

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Flower in St-Laurent water
Carl | Biosphere | Montreal | Canada
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15th May, 2006
shipping and products are as expected:Great
"Nothing to say about you guys. you are as good as always. I never had any problems purchasing anything On HoP and ill continu doing buisness with you :P Cheers"
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11th May, 2006
Great for learning awesome basics
"Hi there i just wanted to say that this video is pretty nice :P Altough i tought i was going to find more advance tricks but instead i found a learning way of spinning that is sure to make you get better even for expert. Altough i personnally do agree with the fact that more difficult move contrain you in your position i beleave that they give a fluid feel when well done ;) Great for every spinner Tanx"
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