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I wanted to contact HOP directly but failed to find their email. So the thing is the video to the atomic cross over stall is unacesable and that is bad.

Lessons uploaded

Library > Fire Breathing > Acrobatics in fire breathing > Cartwheel

Cartwheel  Uploaded 18 Jan, 2012
Library > How to make your own gear > Fire breathing gear > Fast fuel clean of

Towel  Uploaded 6 Jan, 2012
Library > POI > Buzzsaws & variations > Buzz-saw under the legs

Buzz-saw under the legs  Uploaded 6 Jan, 2012
Library > POI > Wraps > Behind the back wrap

Behind the back wrap  Uploaded 28 Jun, 2011
Library > How to make your own gear > How to make Poi > Simple LED poi

How to make simple LED poi  Uploaded 28 Jun, 2011
Library > Levisticks > Basics > Sticky stick

Sticky stick  Uploaded 6 Apr, 2011
Library > Levisticks > Basics > Going up

Going up  Uploaded 6 Apr, 2011

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