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Posted:Hello to all twirlers from melbourne. I'm hopefully going to be moving to melbourne beginning of next year, if all goes to plan, and i thought it would be cool to get to know some of you. I'm from adelaide, and have recently been twirling with the arc of flame/adelaide fire night folks, who are way cool. I'm a 20year old architecture student who's been twirling for over 2 months now i think and i'm hooked on it. It'd be great to hear from some of you about the twirling scene around melbourne and about yoursleves.
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the worksops in melbourne/st kilda threads will be genereally up-to-date with melb-based hijinx.
aren't ya glad that the SBS programs will come on half an hour earlier!?
glad to hear more fire's a'coming!

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Posted:nnnnooooooo! dont go to melbourne! it always rains! come to sydney! the weathers far more appealing, and we have a nice harbour [altho swimming in it is not recommended]and lovely people

oh well. i think ill go and post silly comments in benders website.

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Posted:oh no! dont tell me it always rains there!!!!

i the rain, but after 7 or 8 days straight, i want to see the sunshine. in florida ( where i live currently) it rains for 7 or 8 days straight... beautiful when it does... but ooooh then the sunshine is so beautiful.



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