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Posted:I've observed that the people I have encountered from my area horde their knowledge regarding poi. They are mostly interested in performing to show off their skills as opposed to teaching. Hypocritically, they simultaneously say that the art of poi needs to expand and more people need to learn about it. So wtf? Teach people already.

I consider myself to be a beginner. I can do both foward/backwards weaves, the butterfly and its variations, the corkscrew, chase the sun, and the windmill. I don't know much, but I offer to teach people what I know all the time. Poi is a beautiful art form and people should not be denied the process of learning it through instruction.

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Posted:It is a real shame that you have encountered that. I have found in my area that people are really receptive to learning new skills, and very open about reaching them. There is a wonderful interaction and transfer of knowledge.

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Posted:I'm going to be learning all the moves in the lessons page by myself. And once I know them, I will advertise all over for teaching people in my area. I will be the progenitor for the art of poi in my area. lol


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Posted:I can see both sides when it comes to the question of how much knowledge to pass on.

Personally I go for the open approach because: -

a) I got a lot of help when I was learning to spin/juggle/unicycle etc so I try to give to others what I recieved

b) I feel that when it comes to stuff that I've created that to pass it on shows a faith in my ability to continue to create i.e. I can understand how someone may think 'that's mine, and it's good, and if I show someone else then everyone will be able to do it etc, etc'

Whereas I think 'it's good, and the next thing that occurs to me will be also'- to want to hold on to something purely for myself would express a belief that my creativity is limited

c) Poi can bring about really positive change in people, so by helping them learn you're contributing to a better world

d) Teaching is a skill; constantly developing your ability to convey to others the skills you've learned will help develop your teaching skill and give you a new perspective on the moves you are teaching

Having said that, if someone else doesn't want to pass on their knowledge then that is their choice; maybe they make their living from spinning and see freely teaching others as detrimental to their careers.

Luckily, there are lots of resources for spinning info (such as HOP) and lots of people willing to share their knowledge.

What you are planning to do sounds great, a good way to go about it would be to set up a small 'Poi in the Park' event in your area. I'm involved with some of these in my area and they're a great way to meet spinners and share information.

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Posted:I was sitting in a uni lecture the other day, and I started wondering why I was there - and why all these other people were there. I mean sure, they want to learn so they can get a job, make money, buy a house etc. But there's something much greater going on aswell.

Every day, possibly without realising it, we're all playing a part in evolution. The knowledge that mankind has learnt needs to be shared in order for this to happen - by teaching others that which we have already discovered, means they learn it much faster than we did, and it leaves them with more time and in a better position to discover new things. If we don't share, we see the beginning of de-evolution. Newcomers spend just as much time learning that which we already know, and therefore never learn/discover anything new at all.

So I could see a reason people are sometimes reluctant to share information is because they realise that those who they teach will very possibly soon exceed their own skill/knowledge level. The student overtakes the master eventually - it's just how it works. But a master with no student is not a master at all.

If the caveman who discovered fire never shared his knowledge, then we'd all still be sitting around in the cold trying to figure it out. But he did share! And now we have such wonderous things as the Internet! And mobile phones! And Dr. Phil!

Thanks a lot buddy.

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Posted:Even the greediest of people should pass on what they know! The person you teach today will come back and teach you something new tomorrow. Think of it as an investment.

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Posted:I'm sorry to hear you have that impression, GeckoX.

Almost all of my experiences have been the exact opposite...Spinners, jugglers, stiltwalkers, name it, almost everyone in the areas I class as 'performing' are usually happy and pleased to share.

The only exceptions to this have been magicians (understandably!) and the odd idiot who thinks that they get hired for their ability to perform a certain trick.

The reality is, almost anyone who hires them won't know the difference between the weave and and a banana boat!

I suggest you try to find other groups of spinners or even the same group in afe wmore months, might just be a few rotten apples making the rest seem less of what they are...

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Posted:exploit your enthusiasm GeckoX,
it is your strength.
If others in you twirly area are reluctant to share your ability, you can use this as an opportunity to develop a truly unique style.
Then you can travel the world like Cain in Kung Fu, helping the unfortunate with your HaXoR skillZ.
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Posted:Set an example - teach everyone poi and those who don't teach will hopefully learn from example


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Posted:I've only been spinning for about 4 weeks, but already I've taught my mum and my brother's girlfriend as much as I can. I myself find it extremely therapeutic, and I know by their faces that they're getting some of that same buzz too. Share the joy I say!

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Posted:hello geckox

very funny actually, in florida we have a member of our group who is called gecko also

i dont know how the scene is in toronto, but i can tell you a bit about how it is here. we go out to the beach hopefully every weekend and play. we all get there around sunset, and then we begin with fire. it is a poorly lit area, and teaching poi isnt all that conducive. we just light up, and play and have fun.

if you want to learn poi moves from other people, have you asked yourself the level and type of friendship you have with these people?

if you are friends, have you asked anyone to teach you? in my experience, poi'ers jugglers, whateverer's are always more than willling to share and teach, but it also depends on what they lifestyle is, how much time they have, and how much they value you as a person.

i say, rock on, keep teaching everyone, just play and have fun. instead of expecting people to teach you, if you like any of these people, develop your friendship on deeper levels if you so choose, and then im sure the opportunities will open more for you.



Posted:The fact that you can't make it out to any of the PiP doesn't mean that no one is willing to help you out, dude. I for one told you that working rotating shifts doesn't allow for me to be of much help.
Any of the people here that I know of are more than friendly when it comes to other people.
Good luck!


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