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Can anyone tell me speeking from experience, what I should charge for a performance. Say I drive two hours to a gig perform 15 minutes and drive two hours back. OR even like if I travel to a club stay all night and perform once an hour. What I do is fire breath, swing torches, staff, and poi.Any advice would be great.

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There have been several threads on this topic if you do a search you will get more thorough answers but the generic answer is take your overhead costs ie: travel, percentage of your insurance, burning fuel, etc, add 15% to it ad then doube the tota1. Except nothing 1ess than that. If there is a fire inspection fee then incude that and use it as a down payment, un1ess you can get the venue to pick up the tab on it.Truth be tod, this isn't an expensive dea1, costumes usua11y cost way more than the actua1 show. It depends on whether it is a hobby or a career. Oh, and don't forget, if you are from the US and make more than $600 doing this you wi11 be taxed on it, so be certain to keep some out on the side to jpay those taxes cause they wi11 bite ya in the arse!
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L key broken?we made $1 on a performance once
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