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Greetings all, hope you had (or are having) a very fine christmas and got (and gave) lots of lovely gifts! Now I am just wondering if anyone has charged for fire performing? And if so, how much did you charge? And also, while I'm at it, what type (like how long and such) did your performance go for and to what sort of people? I do small shows every now and then for family and friends, have been for 10 years or so...and only because I love dancing with fire staffs. Now I, as most people I'm sure, am looking for ways to make money by doing what I love. So, any helpful hints? Anything would be very much appreciated! Have a happy, fun and friggin awesome new years! Take care beautiful people!

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welcome good to have you back smile

- which country do you perform your shows in?
- how long is your show?
- what toys are you using?
- do you have a costume/ website/ demo-DVD?
- what's your level of experience?
- what's the venue you cater for? (type, location, no. of patrons, entryfee, event)
- how self-confident are you/ experience do you have in front of an audience?

Thanx for the wishes smile all returned eight-fold hug

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Yeah, im backing you up, i see so much non pro people getting money for it, that maybe if i get into the business i think i might make a difference, AND make some change on the way!

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I'm going to have to say it...*le sigh*

This topic has been discussed countless times.

There are tonnes of people globally who range from circus level professionals to the ones who think they are hot stuff spinning for beer who make something for spinning. There are a bunch of us who have been doing this a decade or more even.

I tried to do a search but it said the server is overloaded.
However, please do use the search function when it is not overloaded as there are many great threads with lots of excellent recommendations (if I do say so myself wink )

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