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Posted: Hey all,

I'm based in London (UK) and as you'll all imagine it's cold and/or rainy a lot of the time (especially at this time of the year). Unfortunately my flat is tiny and I can barely do anything but the butterfly inside but I don't want to lose what I've learned. Where could a good place be to spin inside? Where do you spin inside or do you have any suggestions? The best suggestion I've had so far is a gym studio yet I don't belong to a gym at present :-S


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Posted:hmm, well.... a gym is a great place, I will say.
perhaps if you cant find anywhere else, poi-fu (poi without Poi, so just Poi arms) is something you could do, maybe....

maybe at a friends house?

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Posted:There's a few Juggling Clubs in London and at least when I lived there you could go to one most nights of the week.

If you don't already know about it then the best place to start would be Spinning@, every Tuesday evening on Heneage Street, off Brick Lane.


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Posted:can't say for your specific area, but i've found that big indoor or covered public spaces that have a lot of foot traffic during the day (train stations, shopping centers, etc.) can be great at low flow times. it takes a little getting used to having people wander about when you're practicing but i've found it to work pretty well for me, particularly in the ones where i've found little abandoned nooks and crannies that rarely see pedestrians. only thing is to be aware of any potential random security or policy points some places might have. don't be too shocked if you're told to shoo after a while. most places are cool, though, in my experience.

happy spinning!



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