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Posted:yo everyone just wanted to know if any people had a site or something with a rave loactor or some crap i search and find nothing on where they are all held and stuff. i live on the east coast os u.s. new jersey actually so if anyone know's of some good rave finder site thingy plz reply thanxs ~*plur*~ -to all peeps

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Posted:yeah man, no prob, try http://www.ravedata.comthey
got info on raves all over the US, i think even worldly too, but i'm unsure??? never really tried it for that!
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peace man, and good hunting!
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------------------My World is a world of one, and in being one they Rave! My World is a Godly World and I am its master!

My World is a world of one, and in being one they Rave! My World is a Godly World and I am its master!


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Girl From Mars

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Posted:if you are in central ny, www.cnyraves.com.

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Posted:hey. check out www.us-raves.com/eventsthey got some info on raves going on all over the US.-Hapes-Nova, pseudo-raver



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Posted:www.hyperreal.org used to be the cannonical site for rave info, but it seems as if that site has fallen into disrepair at some point. Their most excellent database now points here:http://www.eventnation.com/raves.html-p.


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