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Posted:So I've read throughout the forums on spinning methods to remove excess fuel from wicks, however, I was curious about this "blotting method." I bought my brother a fire footbag and in the description the footbag came with it says to "use the blotting method (Which is described online in the Articles.)" I've searched nearly everywhere for the blotting method and can't find anything. Can anybody help me out?? Thanks in advance!

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Posted:I would take a guess and say, based on the term 'blotting' that it involves patting the footbag down with some sort of absorbent material like a towel to absorb enough excess fuel that it won't drip.

I reckon it's probably easier to just make a can with a raised grid inside, and swing it around with your footbag inside to spin out and catch the excess fuel.

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Posted:I agree with beaniebob, i is referring to blotting with a towel to remove the excess fluid. Just dry it out in the fresh air after!