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Posted:I have been practicing the spiral wrap and have the problem that when I unwind from the wrap, the poi are not unwrapping at split time as they are going into the wrap. They are unwinding together at the same time...any tips? It works alright with sock poi but I rarely use sock poi and want to be able to do it with any poi I am using.

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Posted:Usually when this happens it means that your poi aren't wrapping up evenly around your hands, so that one finishes wrapping slightly earlier than the other. I'd suggest just playing around with how you're placing your hands, and also trying to see which poi is hitting the hand first.

And more practice. Definitely moar practice smile

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Posted:I agree with beaniebob, but have one thing to add.

Be sure that as you initiate the unwrapping of the poi, you do so only by twisting your wrists, and not by swinging your arms. Swinging your arms in a circle to unwrap, even in the slightest degree, will convert your split time movement into same time.

Good luck!

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Posted:I do spiral wraps two different ways. If I want to wrap once and unwrap, I just swing my arms round and bring my hands together and they wrap up. Just as they reach the end of the wrap I twist my hands in the opposite direction and they unwrap exactly the same way. I dont do anything specials and they unwrap just as evenly.
When I do continuous spiral wraps I first let each poi wrap once around each of my wrists, THEN I put my hands together. This way they are always the same length and its easy to twist your hands the opposite way each time to have the poi wrap over and over in each direction. Maybe you need to do this pre-wrap around your hands with each poi first? Check this video

the first time I did it with can see the first wrap then joining of hands to make it continuous


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