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I have specific questions I haven't been able to ask a real person and haven't found in any articles.

1. What kind of container do you fuel your wick in, metal, glass, plastic?
2. How much do you pour over your wick? Do you pour slow so it soaks in or submerge it in the fuel?
3. What kind of devices does anyone use to spin off into to save fuel and environment protection?
4. How long is it recommended that it can sit after spin off before its lit? Can it sit for 5 min? 10 min? After how much time would you add additional fuel?
5. At the end of your set, do you blow out the wick or smother it with a towel ? What is recommended?
6. How long does it take to cool off the wick before you can refuel it and use the poi again? I have seen them put right back in the fuel at the end of the set. Why?
Ok, I appreciate hearing anyone's advice and process about the small details.

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1. The group I spin with stores our fuel in plastic fuel cans, and we pour it into a galvanised steel bucket for fueling, but I've seen peeps use plastic jugs, glass bottles, tupperware... Doesn't really matter too much I think, as long as you're storing it in a suitable container for keeping.

2. Depends on the size of the wick. With my poi I generally dunk them into the fuel, but for smaller wicks like on wands or palm candles peeps tend to get a smaller container or just pour until they're soaked through. Props where it's awkward to dip (ie. most fans) will tend to be poured on too, as well as really long or tall wicks, where you'd need an annoyingly large amount of fuel in a bucket to cover it. Again it doesn't really seem to matter as long as the wick is soaked and you're not wasting fuel.

3. Get a bucket or a jug, hang on to the chain and jug so that the poi is inside the jug, but not touching the bottom. Then swing your arm around in a circle like a centrifugal force experiment, and then pour the fuel back into your dipping container. If you want to get more fancy you can put some sort of mesh or frame at the bottom of the spin-off container so that you don't have to hang on to the poi, and attach a chain to the bucket so you don't have to swing your arm around like a retard but yanno, it's your own stuff.

4. I reckon it depends on the size of the wick. With a larger wick you might leave it around for 5 - 10 minutes and still have a 4 - 5 minute burn (why you would I have no idea), but with smaller wicks you'll lose more fuel and probably would have a greater impact on flames + burn time.

5. Done both, would recommend using a fibreglass fire blanket instead of a towel. Also you can just spin the prop fast enough to put the wick out if you're feeling lazy lol. Some peeps I know seem to be religious about doing it one way or the other, but I haven't been spinning long enough to tell if there's a difference.

6. General practice among the peeps I spin with is that you wait at least a minute or two before fueling up again to let it cool down (and let other peeps spin), but again I've dipped straight after before, and seen other people do the same. IMO, the fuel we use (Shellsol D60) has an autoignition temperature of a few hundred degrees centigrade, and with maybe a third of a bucket of fuel, that's more than enough of a heat sink to dissipate the heat from your prop.
I've also heard some peeps mention that they dip again after finishing up, and that it helps make the wick last longer, but like I said before I haven't spun for a long enough time to tell.

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