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Posted:Whats your fave set up?
I'm looking for handles, body, weight ratio and fastening type.

Mine are counter weights on Flow handles with swivels, the body of my poi hold a juggling ball each (Currently using silicone covered Mr.B balls) and they have a Velcro fastening. i think the ratio is 1:8 Ish which i find best for my throw preference =)

looking for some new more functional/comfortable ideas

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Posted:Favourite setup at the moment for me is my set of contact poi. Two white 80mm Stage balls, with 6mm polyester rope, and four PX3 knobs as handles (2 on each poi). Washers fit inside the PX3s to achieve a 1:3 handle:poi head ratio.

The rope is particularly nice, I've found. Don't have swivels because I don't really bother with orbitals, and the rope twists up okay too. Also sort of impractical trying to attach swivels to 6mm rope.

Got all the parts from HoP

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