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Posted:Hello everybody, I found this website after a google I made looking for "best fuel for fire batons". First of all I never realized that this art form you call "poi" ever existed. So I applaude you. Now down to business. I am attempting to make a large Indian spear which I want fire on the top of it (read not on the pointy end). I have been doing some experimenting with towels and soaking with tiki oil, sterno, fire pot gel and nothing burns longer than maybe 10 minites. I am looking for a set up that will burn with a fire about a foot long for about two hours. I was looking at fire batons and noticed they were made of Kevlar. After looking around in here it seems that yall use this too. But with some of the terminaligy you use Im a little lost...My base for my spear is a 1 inch hollow metal conduit.Can someone point me in the right directions...Thanx again
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Posted:Hi katpeeler

The only way you would be able to get two hours of burn time is with some form of fuel reservoir. We do this with a lighting pot for our shows and you should be able to adapt it for your purpose.

Take a metal can paint tins work well. Cut a slit into the lid. Get some Kevlar Wick (you can buy it from home of poi) not quite as wide as your pot and about 2 inches longer than the pot is tall. Force this through the slit so that 2 inches of wick sit out of the top. You can then fill the pot with fuel and put the lid on. The wick will soak up fuel and after a minute you should be able to light the wick, which will burn until you run out of fuel.

Use paraffin (kerosene) for fuel btw.

For 2 hours you will need quite a bit of fuel, a litre at least, so make sure that your spear is secure you could cause a lot of damage if it collapses when lit, covering the area in fuel! Make sure the area is free of the public or anything flammable for a radius of AT LEAST 1.5 times the height of the spear, or more if possible!

Let me know if you need any more help be safe!

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