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Posted:So about a month after i started spinning, i started sewing my own "sock poi" out of, what i guess you would call linen, idk. i started with tennis balls and golf balls as weighted handles. but the golf balls were too big and the tennis balls were too light so i started using rice in a ziploc. i'm workin on a new pair but the only design ive been able to work out is an elongated poi head, like a flowtoy, which doesn't work out well for stalls. so im trying to come up with a stencil that allows more of a rounded shape but i cant really figure out how i should cut the fabric to allow that. i wish i had a photo but...kinda lazy...

anybody every sew their own and have any pointers, or photos of designs they could hook me up with?

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Posted:Well if you want a round shape at the end, you can cut the end portion of the poi like they do for juggling balls ( here)

Then you can sew velcro in on one of the seams so you can open and close the section, and either attach something like colecord or leave the top open to sew a thinner section on as the leash.

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Posted:I cut mine like an upsidedown, long heart... and instead of using ziplocs try using thigh high panyhose (walmart- 33 cents a pair in the quarter machine balls on an endcap...)


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