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Posted:I've got a question to put to you guys, my ball chain on my fire set is getting to the end of its lifespan, it's served me well for a year or two and I'll probably just replace it with something similar, but I was looking at this welded oval twist chain and it looks pretty hardy.

Anyone know how this stuff is for hyperloops/orbitals? One of the main reasons I like ball chain so much is how smooth it is, anyone know how they compare?

And what I mean by the "end of it's lifespan" is that I keep "losing" pieces one ball at a time. My heads will just pop off and I'll be one ball shorter. This has been happening for a while and I've been fixing it as I go. I use very heavy heads but this hasn't been a problem until recently, so I'm assuming that either the chain is just getting weaker from so much stress after so long or that by opening the swivels up with pliers I'm exposing it to sharp edges which make it break. Anyone know what's up with that?

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Posted:I dont like either personally. specially for hyperloops and orbitabls. Too chucky against themselves. The sound is horrible...
I own ball chains, welded links, braided wire, string etc. I didnt like any of them too much, so i started making my own with special traits. Ranging from super flexible, to super smooth with mid range inbetween. After using the ones i made, ill never go back, and neither will the many others who own them now.
anything thats not welded does have a lifespan, but ball chains are some of the weakest. The welded twist are good, and strong, but far too common and really chunky. everyone and their grandma has these chains. So im trying to change that with a wider selcetion of poi chains, practice heads, and counterweights.

Feel free to check em out @ www.facebook.com/ProPoi <---hand made chain maille by yours truley.

but out of the two choices you gave, welded twists would be best, especially for heavier heads.

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Hello Friend. I feel you on the ball chain. It used to be my favorite until I noticed how quickly it wears out (depending on style of spinning and weight) I really don't feel comfortable spinning heavy heads with it anymore. The life of ball chain seems to also be greatly reduced by tangle moves (hyperloops).

When I started using oval link chain I noticed that tangle moves were a little less forgiving, though the chain held up great. It seems like I have to really cross the chains at an equal distance and just right to pull it into a lasting hyperloop (the chain is sort of grippy when it hits together, harder to make adjustments when tangled).

I recently purchased a set of Didgeridudes Maille chains. I have the "beauty" model and must say they are the most groovy feeling chains I have ever played with. To me, they feel like I am using some sort of steel colecord. I have only recently obtained these chains, so I cannot comment yet on lifespan (so far so good!), but I can say they feel super nice for hyperloops and are down right beautiful looking/feeling.

Also, I wouldn't recommend fixing your ball chain with pliers. I have tried and have discovered that once that steel is weakened by stress/bending, bending it back only weakens it more. If you find you love ball chain the best, just buy plenty and replace it often.

Peace and love to you all.