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Posted:I was wondering how much kerosene I should use each time i spin? I want to use a good amount so that I do not over burn the wicks, where the fire just consumes the fluid and that is it. Thanks!
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Posted:I just submerge the wicks until they stop bubbling then let the excess drip of. Basically as much as can soak into your wicks.


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Posted:short answer? NONE! kero is evil... shocked (no, seriously. there are better alternatives!)

but um, yeah, like stnd54 said - til they stop bubbling works smile the longer you soak, the longer you burn. first burn on fresh wick needs a longer soak though, just to make sure it gets through the whole wick grin

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Posted:"Kerosene" as in paraffin with volatile additives, bad.

"Kerosene" as in pure paraffin, good.

Pure white gas, epic but brief.



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