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Forums > Social Discussion > Fuel recommendation for UK Poi Spinner ?

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Posted:Hey there ! First post grin

I'm a UK fire poi-er, but have yet to spin fire in the UK (I've always been travelling when I've played with fire and used other's fuel)..

I'm looking to get some for myself now, but after a lot of Google-ing, I'm still not sure what the best way to do it is..

What are people's (a) Fuels of choice ? and (b) Where do you get this from?

I've found a pretty good bulk buy for lamp oil (http://www.lumea.co.uk/pages/oil-lamp-oi...CFYEc4QodGx_ChQ)

But have had no luck googling Shellsol T to find a supplier (apparently one of the best choices for someone in the UK if you can find it ?)

Does anyone have any suggestions ? smile

Thanks for your help ! x

P.s. Tried searching for similar topics - don't think there was anywhere that really covered this.. Forum should have a sticky for info like this for different countries ? ^^

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Posted:We tend to use paraffin, because it's friendlier on your lungs than other fuels and it's easily available. I think it also burns cooler than other fuels... so lots of flame, less heat.

Avoid smelly ones like citronella. Good luck with the hunt smile


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Posted:Anything that looks like this...
br>Most DIY stores will stock some variation on the 4L paraffin barrel. If you've got a Focus store nearby you might be able to get some cheap as they went into administration today. (I hate to benefit from other people's misery but if you don't buy it someone else will)

If you can find a paraffin pump at a petrol station it is usually slightly cleaner but it doesn't make that much difference. If you can find one you'll need a jerry can to put it in too.

Some people use Coleman camping fuel but it burns a lot quicker / hotter and with a less impressive flame as far as I remember. It also has the potential to be explosive.

Lamp oil is usually far too clean to get nice looking flames. You need some soot or the flames look rubbish. It is also full of additives to make it burn with less soot. A lot of these, as has been mentioned above, are pretty nasty when they are inhaled.

Where abouts are you in the UK?


Posted:Hehe.. Well, I'm glad you said that - had just placed an order for Citronella lamp oil as somewhere recommended it as ok and I thought I'd give it a try ^^ (http://fire.msquared.com.au/fuel.html) Cancelled that now.

Thanks for your link, Seye, I'm not sure how I'd managed to overlook it, but I found some good places for buying those 4L Paraffin's online with UK delivery - sooo much cheaper than the lamp oil !

(http://www.greenhousewarehouse.com or http://www.diy.com
for anyone interested).

I'm based in Oxfordshire at the moment, moving to London in the summer.

Thanks for the tips smile