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I've tried searching the forums and Google without much luck, so I thought I'd ask what other Aussies are Fire Spinning with.

I plan on using Poi and am looking for something with a decent burn time and ideally with as little smoke as possible because I'm asthmatic.
I'd rather something I could get from Bunnings or another hardware store, rather than a specialist product that can only be transported by Courier. I live out Woop-Woop so that can get incredibly expensive very easily, so I'd rather try my other options first.

My biggest problem is that almost all fuel recommendations are American, and things vary country-to-country. According to a few sites I read, what Europeans call Kerosene is what Americans call White Gas. So with that in mind, I'm entirely lost as to what fuel I should be looking at.

I've tried looking up the MSDS for different fuels, but I'm having a lot of trouble making sense of them in relation to firespinning (since most of them say things along the line of FLAMMABLE DO NOT IGNITE OR BREATHE OR TOUCH).

So I was wondering if any Australians could tell me what they use and their experience of it?
Thanks so much.

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I'm not exactly an expert, but what I've been told before is that for twirling you really want something like Firewater, which I know Juggleart in Melbourne sells & I imagine HoP has at very least something similar, but if you're burning outdoors kerosene will treat you alright (it's smokier than you would like, but it doesn't burn too hot & it's visual.
For Fire Eating you do not want kero, you want something more like shelite.

That said, it's been longer than I would like since my last fire gig so I'd prefer to defer to someone with greater wisdom on the subject.

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