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  Posted: What do people generally do when they have their first spin with actual fire? Do they just do random tricks to kill a decent amount of time or do they create a routine and just practice that until its perfect? Also, what was your first spin like?

thanks in advance =)

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  Posted:In my experiance you just spin what you are comfortable with. Think like you have 2 list of tricks. One you can do whatever you know with your play Poi of whatever kind. THen theres the list of tricks with fire, these are tricks and movements your are very comfortable with and know you can execute on command. Performing in your comfort zone is what you want to aim for. Just play it safe and have fun, you dont have to be a big bad ass your first time with fire. I just stuck with weaving around and some thread the needle back when I started with fire. I find it best to get familiar with the flame before venturing into unpredictable territory. As for the routine question I have never put one together myself, I would imagine people construct those for performance in front of an audience. You know if your getting paid as a fire performer. Otherwise its all about fun and safety grin I hope some of this info is helpful, have fun with the fire

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  Posted:Pretty much. Stick with stuff that you know you can do. Especially for a first spin, if something is sketchy for you, do not try it. That cut-off will vary from person to person of course.

It does help to spend a few seconds just running over the bare basics (timings and such) when you first light up, but I do not know many people who do.

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  Posted:First time - a random selection of stuff I was comfortable with. I found out about a group spinning fire on the beach and one lent me their Fire Poi - no time to work out a routine in advance.

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  Posted:I lit for the first time last night. My friend showed me the behind the back twirl (staff) and i did it for a few minutes then lit up. Most of the stuff I did I made up on the spot and it looked cool. A lot of people will tell you to practice before lighting up...and I recommend that, I'm just stubborn.

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