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Posted:i know there has been a few posts with similar titles (albeit nothing in the last few years anyway) but heres what im trying to compile.
I am trying to make a localized (relatively recent) pseudo-database of chain lengths from all kinds of spinners from all sizes.
*Only Chain Lengths* (Not heads, componentry (swivels etc) or handles)
I am just curious as to how wide the bases are for my own custom chain production and what lengths are most popular at this current time.

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Posted:I always use 1.5ft per pair I make. I use 1.5ft myself. But most people are at least a lil longer than a foot so it's a good amount for me. I just order 3ft and cut it in half.

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Posted:It depends on the kind of poi head I am using. Sense my flowlights are longer then say my cathedral fire head I have a little less cord. From crystal case to handle swivel its only 10" an for my fire poi its only 12" of chain but then a swivel and quicklink at the bottom making it 14" between my poi head and handle swivel. I like to spin really short in comparison to everyone else.

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Posted:My fire chains are usually only about 12" long since I use the style of handle that has about 5" of fabric/cord coming from a ball grip before my first swivel. The remainder of my poi's 2' length comes from the swivels, splitrings, and monkey fist head.



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