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Gary_CifersSILVER Member
64 posts
Location: Oklahoma, USA

Trying to start a location to show what kind of Poi related tattoos are around the world!

I'll start with mine
Spiral Wrap Tattoo

unfortunately the camera didn't catch the color that is really there though
I have more planned as well and as they get done i'll post up pics

SpinnerofDetroitGOLD Member
All High Dude, Ruler of What You Want
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Location: Trenton, MI, USA

Dude! I hate tattoos, but I still have to say that is censored AWESOME!!!!!

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CalibudGOLD Member
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Location: St. Louis , USA

very inspiring..! i was tossing the idea of glow in the dark / uv whatever you want to call it ink. never connected the two for a relation.

Geometry Of Fire
_Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
bastard child of satan
1,113 posts
Location: Raanana, Israel

Mine, it's about 2 years old now smile

I really, really want a new one.

richiiStick spinner
43 posts
Location: Brighton, England

Poiboy thats a awesome tattoo.

SeyeSILVER Member
1,261 posts
Location: Manchester, UK

I don't do tattoo's but Simta (a good mate of mine and former regular on here) does. He's never going to reply here so I'll just post his...

brenonfire413SILVER Member
Fire Spinner Exarch
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Location: New Orleans, LA United States, USA

Very nice work Gary and Poiboy! Good topic.

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Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!


Non-Https Image Link

Old tatt, this was taken when it was fresh.


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