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Posted:i've just had a hannya mask tattooed on my ear cartlidge . was wondering if anybody else has had it tattooed and did they think it hurt . I've only got my belly left to tattoo (not doing face )and thought it was very painful , more so even than my arm pits .Would be interesting to see

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Posted:post a pic of your ear tat

ive got loads of tattoos, i found my lower back at the flabby side bits to be the sorest (like getting a cigarette lighter held against my skin), also my shoulders were very sore (like a dentist drill beating down on my shoulders), other areas didnt hurt a bit, i fell asleep getting my wrist tattood in thailand


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Posted:all my tattoos i did myself, with a rust based homemade ink.


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Posted:Thought of getting ear tattoos once. What I'm thinking of doing now is having the area in the scaphoid fossa (the flat area near the helix ridge) punched to a 2 or 4 gauge. This would be quite permanent. I've seen it done and it looks awesome. A simple glass plug fills in the area nicely and soaks up light from the sun so that it almost glows outside!

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