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Ok so as of viewing the video a couple times, it seems the way to start this is to spin the Poi in anti spin in front wall plane. Am I right?
Also when trying to learn this move is it required to also know 3 beat behind the back forward and reverse? Currently I only kno the 3 beat forward BTB and well, after learning it im really dreading learning the 3 beat reverse BTB. Anyone who answers will get much praise.

Thank you smile

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Posted:If you are talking about what it sounds like you are talking about, then one way of doing it (probably the easy way) is to switch btb weaves. And if I am right, I am not sure what anti-spin has to do with it: anti-spin is your hand moving in a circle in one direction with the Poi moving in the other direction.

But posting a link to the video will help.

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Posted:I have no idea where the anti spin came from, but that is unnecessary for waistwraps.

Anyways, make sure that you practice spinning on your sides, your left hand around your back on the opposite side, spinning in front of yourself, and visa versa, right hand around your back on the opposite side spinning in front of you. It just might take a little while for you to figure out, but don't give up hope, it'll work eventually.

Also, what part of Colorado do you live in, if you really do need help and you aren't too far from where I live then we could meet up and I could help you out. It's much easier explaining this all in person.


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Posted:The easiest way to get into the front waist wrap is to do a forward weave, and then turn your body a quarter turn. For the other side, you can do a reverse weave, and turn a quarter in the same direction as you did the forward. Linking them is a doing a non-turning weave.

BTB waist wrap is done in the same manner. Start your btb weave and turn your body a quarter turn and keep doing the weave on that side. Practice the other side spinning forward. Linking them is again, doing a BTB non-turning weave.

You will find a lot of moves are simply a change in body orientation. Often it's just a quarter turn.

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Posted:I had problems with the waist wraps until I started being able to do a 3-bt btb weave forward. A waist wrap is pretty much a btb fountain when you break it down where you transition from the reverse btb to forward btb without breaking out of doing it behind the back.


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Posted:What actually helped me was, even when I had both btb weaves finally, actually just practicing keeping one Poi spinning on its own side and then getting the opposite hand across my back, around my waist, and back without tangling--essentially getting used to a two beat btb weave in the wall plane. Practicing that helped linking the btb weaves feel more natural.



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Posted:I love 2bt waist wraps, quick and fun.

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Posted:yea what sister said. waist wraps are the same thing as turning back and forth with the btb weave. remember when you learned to weave in wall plane after weaving in wheel plane? u transition the exact same way, just btb.


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Posted:Copied and pasted from my post in a different waist wrap thread...

OK, wallplane weaves and waist wraps are NOT the same thing. They're related, but distinct moves.

It's called a waist wrap because it's an old club-swinging move. Weaves were called cross-follows back then, trivia fans!

So here's the breakdown of the moves.

A wall plane weave is a forwards 3bt weave to reverse 3bt weave and back again, done in the wallplane, with the transition between forwards and backward either in front of you, or behind you. A fountain is where the forward to backward transition is done low, and the backwards to forwards bit is done high.

A waist wrap is very similar, but done using a 2bt weave base, rather than a 3bt weave one. It also involves carries from the end of the pattern back to the start again. Say you're spinning anti-clockwise, and you start the pattern on your left hand side... the order of beats is this:

LH: behind your left hip
RH: behind your left hip
LH: in front of you
RH: In front of you
LH: in front of you
RH: In front of you
LH: behind your right hip (at this point your LH starts to carry the Poi over in front of you, and start step 1 again)
RH: behind your right hip (at this point, your RH will carry in front of you, following your left hand, into step 2).

To do this behind the back, take the steps above and swap wherever it say "in front" for "behind" and vice versa. In the example above, you would start with your right hand already going behind your back.

A full waist wrap is simply a front waist wrap linked to a BTB waist wrap.

It's also worth noting that there are 4 front waist wraps (left to right or right to left, with high or low carries), and 4 BTB ones (same as above). This means there are actually 8 full waist wraps that are possible (I can only do about 3).

Hope that helps!

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