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Ok, one new think I was thinking about. I can imagine set of tricks not like a cycle of random moves, but like consecution of beat numbes. Its an inspiration from balls and diabolos, but its not dependent on level but plane.

Example from weave family:
333 - BTB Weave
323 - BTB Weave waist wrap
and st. like that.

it has bugs, but its theory smile,
any sugestions?

light :R


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I suggest you do a search.

Actually, don't bother - I was feeling generous so did one for you...
[Old link] is a rather large thread about poi notation that's got some siteswap type goodness in.

The main problem I see with a notation system in general is that there's loads of stuff that it's never going to be able to describe.
However standard siteswap doesn't distinguish between a 3 ball cascade and a 3 ball mills mess but it's still incredably useful, I say a standardised notation system for poi is a great idea smile

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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